Intel101 CTF Writeup

Ali Alaa
4 min readJun 18, 2023



Hello dudes,
I hope to find you well.

This is Ali Alaa and this is Intel101 writeup for CyberDefenders platform’s challenge.

This is a Threat Intel challenge and if you wanna find more about this topic you can try Intel101 challenge.

So, lets start….

First Question: Who is the Registrar for

Here I did some recon with “WHOIS” to know more info about this domain


Here we go, the answer is : namecheap

Second Question: You get a phone call from this number: 855–707–7328, they were previously known by another name? (No spaces between words)

After I did a serch for this number I found a tweet on “Ask Spectrum” profile at twitter.

Then I recognized this number belongs to “Spectrum” corporate and what I did is to search what previous name for this corporate

History from wikipedia

Here we go, the answer is : timewarnercable

Third Question:
What is the Zoom meeting id of the British Prime Ministers Cabinet Meeting?

I did a search and I found at this artical. It had some info about UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson with his tweet


Here we go, the answer is : 539544323

Forth Question: What Percentage of full-time degree-seeking freshmen from the fall of 2018 re-enrolled to Champlain in the fall of 2019?

I got stuck here for awhile I got a data related to percentage of full-time degree-seeking with 82.1% at this year but question need an accurate degree so, I got an hint with only website.

After that I did my best to find percentage but site didn’t offer the Champlain profile’s data and here what came in my mind was searching in “Web Archive” see here

accurate percentage

Here we go, the answer is : 82.5%

Fifth Question: In 1998 specifically on February 12th, Champlain was planning on adding an exciting new building to its campus. Back then, it was called “The Information Commons”. Can you find a picture of what the inside would look like? Upload the sha256 hash here.

Same stuck as previous question and I got hint. Here I checked if site had archive web with “Web Archive”.

I searched with main url in this specific date and The Information Commons is now the library so, I saw this

Champlain archive in 1998

After I accessed this project link I got this

Champlain’s library archive in 1998

I downloaded it and calculated its hash with sha256 hash.

Here we go, the answer is : f4952b314eb15acf0eec79c954f83881c17d50d2b5922ee37e8fc5e5cd1aeac2

Sixth Question: One of Champlain College’s Cyber Security Faculty got a bachelor’s degree in arts from this Ohioan university. Who was the other faculty member who studied there? (FirstName LastName — two words)

Here I searched for Ohio university in Champlain search box and I got a lot of profiles


I browsed these profiles and I got that Todd Schroeder is one I need.

Todd Schroeder

Here we go, the answer is : todd schroeder

Seventh Question: In 2019 UVM’s Ichthyology Class Had to Name their fish for class. Can you find out what the last person on the public roster named their fish?

Here creator of challenge must change this question because the main web page they wanted us to search for it it didn’t appear after googling it.

So, I got hint for the url and I searched for it in “Web Archive”.

UVM’s Ichthyology Class archive page

Then I downloaded the excel file and I found all data

last person

Here we go, the answer is : saccopharyngiformes

Eighth Question: Can You Figure Out Which State This Picture Has Been Taken From? See attached photo

Here I used “GOOGLE LENS” to find out the state and I found a place called “dinosaur land” then I googled where this land located.

And also you can use “bing search”.

google seach

Here we go, the answer is : virginia

At the end ,
I hope you enjoyed this writeup ❤️.

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